Co-Chair Margie Donovan
Co-Chair Karlene Ballard

YLWC was represented at the Tea & Tea Cups Ribbon Cutting August 2016.

Relay for Life Kickoff

April 2017

YLWC Past Presidents

From left, Linda Gutierrez, Aileen Baker, Pamela Harrell, Lynne Yauger, Pat Porter, Norma Keating, Norma Susic, and Marcia Willett.

        Women's Transitional Living Center 2015-2016

By Marcia Willett

O.D. Dean and YLWC Member

Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce Joint Activity:

Yorba Linda Trail System Ribbon Cutting, August 13, 2016

Kurtis and Mayor Gene Hernandez sit on one of the new benches.

Installation of New Members, April 2017

After Saturday's dinner, awards were handed out based upon the reports submitted by the various committee chairmen. Yorba Linda Woman's Club won First Place in Domestic Violence, International Outreach, Newsletter, Fundraising and Leadership. We also won Second Place in Education, Home Life, Public Issues, Communications and Legislation. We are very proud of our accomplishments and it took all 100% of us to do these things.

And lastly, our club was honored to have our own Yorba Linda Woman's Club President, Marcia Willett, be installed as the Orange District's 1st Vice President, Dean. Congratulations to all!

Orange District Meeting, September 2016

2nd VP (Membership) Kaycee Stack installed four new members. From left to right: Kaycee, Celinda Rechsteiner, Natalie Gaza, Donna Welling, Sheila Rowland, and YLWC President Louise Hernandez.

by Kathy Carswell

March District Council Meeting on March 11, 2016.

Ladies from l-r are:

OD 1st VP Mariellen Yarc, Orange District President Libby Buckley,

Linda Queen, CFWC President Chris Herzog and YLWC President Marcia Willett

What We Will Do and Have Done!

   Club Birthday Celebrations

   Conferences, Conventions and Meetings

   President Louise Hernandez Presents her Presidential Awards.

   R.E.A.C.H. Foundation ShamRock ’n Run 2015-2017

   Veteran's and Memorial Day Activities

   Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce Joint Activities

   YLWC Supports Eagle Scout Project

Mary Ann Coscino receives the 2nd Presidential Award from President Louise Hernandez.

Sandy Van Oyen, Social Media

On August 4th, the Orange District held its annual Summer Conference to kick off the 2016-17 club year.  The Conference was held at the Yorba Linda Presbyterian Church allowing us to use all of the campus space and meeting rooms so each workshop was in a private area to encourage discussion and conversation.  Over 125 clubwomen were in attendance representing approximately 14 clubs in the district. 

The morning began with a welcome by OD President Mariellen Yarc and a presentation by Melissa Sciacca, Executive Director US Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  Melissa introduced the group to the mission of the Trust based in Tsavo National Park, Kenya and especially their Orphans’ Project.  For a small yearly donation clubs or individuals can become a foster parent to a baby orphaned elephant.  She also informed us of their Anti-Poaching & Aerial Surveillance Teams, Mobile Veterinary Teams & Sky Vets and their Saving Habitats Program.  It was a great presentation and is a great cause.

After the opening program members were able participate in three sessions of workshops with 6 different topics available in each session.  The closing program included door prizes and a wonderful mini fashion show presented by Stein Mart of Anaheim Hills.  The Conference was educational, informative and FUN!

March 6, 2016 ShamRock ’N Run 2k walk.

R.E.A.C.H. Foundation Yorba Regional Park

Our own Esther Murray won two raffles. Isn't she the lucky one!

The City of Yorba Linda presents our club with a Certificate of Recognition on our 105th anniversary.

From left: Tara Campbell, Council member, Louise Hernandez, YLWC President, and Peggy Huang, Yorba Linda Mayor.

By Susie Autry
2nd V.P./Membership


Part of our 2017 display at the Yorba Linda Library to share just one of our many philanthropies.

Convention Theme: "

Around the World in One Day!"

Veteran's Day, November 2016

The Grand Opening, Ribbon cutting ceremony and  5K Fun walk for Yorba Linda's  brand new Gun Club Road Linear Park Trail.

Orange District Conference

April 2017

57th Annual Orange District

Convention  April 2011

Saturday, August 13th, YLWC participated in the Discover Yorba Linda Trails 5K Fun Run at the Gun Club Road Linear Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.
Mayor Lindsey led the 4.75 K walk after encouraging Yorba Linda citizens to walk 100 miles on the city's many trails this year. A t shirt will be awarded to those who submit a log verifying that they met this challenge by the end of the year.  Many members of YLWC'S WOW (Women Out Walking) team are well on their way to meeting that goal as they walk 2.2 miles every Tuesday and Friday morning on the trail behind the Community Center.

105th Anniversary Celebration

February 2017

By Susie Autry

2nd V.P. Membership


From left, Peggy Huang, Karlene Ballard, Kathy Carswell, Tara Campbell and LaVerne Stern.

 Special Olympics 🖋 2015

Our club had 29 members attending this convention themed around a circus. We wore mylar balloon food aprons. Very cute. And as usual, we earned many awards for our work on our philanthropies.

YLWC members

Jane Spence and Olivia Alessi.

Joint YLWC and Eagle Scout Project

O.D. Summer Conference August, 2016

Yorba Linda Woman's Club

A proud member of CFWC and GFWC.

Susie Autry

2nd VP/Membership

60th Annual Orange District Convention  April 2016

Penny Pines Reforestation Program

Fiesta Days October 2012

Members from left are Pamela Harrell, Aileen Baker, Club President Marcia Willett, Pat Porter, Lynne Yauger, Sandy Weinrich and Norma Susic. These ladies received their 10 or 25 year pin.

58th Annual Orange District Convention April 2014

New Yorba Linda Woman's Club members: Vicky Jacobsen,

Martha Doose, Evelyn Johnson and Margie Donovan.

Above and Back Row: Leslie Sorrells—member; Margie Donovan—Co-chair; Erin Murphy—hairdresser; Ginger Ferreirae—hairdresser,
Heather Haynes—hairdresser, Linda Beaird—member; Carol McCarty—member.
Middle Row: Maggie—hairdresser; Vanessa—Maggie's daughter, Brittany Summers—hairdresser; Marjorie Williams—hairdresser, Karlene Ballard—Chairman.
Front Row: Gail Kivo—hairdresser; Heather LaPorte—member.

Members Jane Spence

& Olivia Alessi

Yorba Linda Woman’s Club Supports

Boy Scout Bench Dedication Ceremony

By Kim Cantrell

September 30, 2015

​The Yorba Linda Woman’s Club sponsored Eagle Scout candidate, Kurtis Senna, Boy Scout Troop #762, in his mission to place three benches along the trail at Eureka, Valley View and Prospect Avenues.  Upon completion of his Eagle Scout project, a formal bench dedication ceremony was held on Wednesday, September 30th on the El Cajon Trail at Valley View Avenue in Yorba Linda.  Along with the Woman’s Club attendees, special guests included Mayor Gene Hernandez and City Council member Peggy Huang. Kurtis was overwhelmed with the acknowledgement certificates he received from representatives from the City, Congressman Ed Royce, Senator Bob Huff and Assembly Member Ling Ling Chang.  Members of the Club’s “Women out Walking” group walk along this trail on Tuesday and Friday mornings, and are proud to have a part in giving back to our community and assisting a young man on his journey of becoming an Eagle Scout.  [Kurtis is a Senior at El Dorado High School and is the grandson of Club Member Aileen Baker.]

The District President, Mariellen Yarc, is an elephant fanatic.  She asks members to wear elephant hats to the meeting.  

Convention Theme:

"And the Beat Goes On..."

60th Annual Orange District Convention  April 2016

In the background is Sandy Castle, a YLWC member,

performing her duties as O.D. Emblems & Seals Chairman.

Walk, run, ride your horse

or bike. It is a beautiful day in Yorba Linda,

the Land of Gracious Living.

Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce Joint Activity:

Members (Linda Queen, Kathy Carswell, Heather Laporte, Louise Good Hernandez) from the Yorba Linda Woman's Club attended the 2017 Relay for Life Kick-Off at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum on 4/26. We were inspired by club member and Mayor, Peggy Huang, Mayor Pro Tem Gene Hernandez and City Manager, Mark Pulone, and by a testimonial from another club member, Billie Cerovac. The Relay for Life Committee did a wonderful job, including several club members on that team - Kaycee Stack, Pat Porter, LaVerne Stern, and Pat Rune. Our team is gearing up for the August 4-5 event at Yorba Linda Middle School. Create your own team and join us in our efforts to raise money and awareness. The challenge is on!

A group of Yorba Linda Woman's Club members journeyed south to the La Mesa Woman's Club in San Diego. The theme of the conference was "Going out on a Limb to Serve". We all drove down the night before since many of us were involved in supportive activities before the meeting began. We went into Old Town San Diego for lunch and for dinner. It was a wonderful chance to spend time with other members and further our bonds of friendship.

At the conference, Jenni Prick Was the Guest Speaker. Her talk was called "Status of Women and Children". She covered Domestic Violence, Homelessness and especially the Human Trafficking of young children. She shared that trafficking of children is now a bigger business for the gangs than selling drugs. A drug sold is gone—but a young boy or girl sold can then be resold from fourteen to twenty times a day.

Toby Kahan, CFWC President spoke to her theme, "A Legacy of Strength, A Spirit of Hope". Her goals for our state are to increase membership, retain members, increase our support on the status of women and to support the City of Hope. November 6th is the City of Hope walk.

Did you Know????

When clubs send in their donations to local forests, the state coordinator does not always receive the information and our annual totals do not give.  Please send a quick note to me and Brenda Kendrix with the date and amount of your donations so we can calculate our total contributions for the year.;
Christine Rios, Chair
Conservation and Community Service
November, 2016

From left:  Linda Queen, Karlene Ballard, Louise Hernandez, Marcia Willett

59th Annual Orange District Convention  April 2015

Convention Theme:

"All Hands On Deck!"

It was Convention time in Brea this last weekend. This is the opportunity for all twenty-two clubs in the Orange District to come together to celebrate the year, share ideas and all the philanthropic projects we do in the Orange District.

We met at the Embassy Suites. Friday evening some of us had dinner at TGI Friday, went on to the pajama party sponsored by the Orange District, spent the night and talked and talked. some of the talk was club business and some was just because we like to talk. And, there was a lot of eating, and more eating and more eating. And some of us caught the movie, Zootopia.

We said thank you to outgoing Orange District President, Libby Buckley and hello to Mariellen Yarc, the incoming president. Her theme for 2016-2018 is "Balance is the key to Life."

Yorba Linda Woman's Club Celebrates 104 years!

Convention Theme: Pack Your Bags — Destination

Mardi Gras.


Women's Transitional Living Center Dinner

After a wonderful morning at the summer workshops, our club member, Lucy Huerta, offered a Fashion Show with all items from our local Anaheim Stein Mart. Thank you Stein Mart! They also donated many coupons and many of us followed the conference with lunch and a shopping trip!

From left, Marlita Bellot, Nancy Capel, Karlene Ballard, Martha Doose, Heather LaPorte and Lucy Huerta.

Too many to name — what a great turn out by Team Yorba Linda Woman's Club.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at our General Meeting

By Susie Autry

March 17, 2016

Jewel Hollingworth, our Program Coordinator, invited the Snappy Tappers to perform for our General Meeting. These men and women entertained us with their theme inspired renditions. At the end, they invited us to join them in a toe-tapping patriotic number. Notice that all our feet, legs and arms are in sync.

Saturday April 22nd was the annual Orange District Convention. Thirty YLWC members attended and we all looked fabulous as “Big Top Snacks”…cupcakes, hotdogs, ice cream cones, even boxes of popcorn. Here’s a peek at the circus-fun. Thanks to Debye Payne for sharing her photos.

By Olivia Alessi

August 2016

From left:

Linda Shea, Dottie Jensen, Lucy Huerta, Louise Hernandez and Sam Carlswell.

Mary Otto, Margie Donovan, Carol Davis, Heather LaPorte, Lucy Huerta, Nancy Capel and Dottie Jensen

GFWC/CFWC Area D Conference, October 22, 2016

My second Presidential Citation Award was presented to Mary Ann Coscino.  Mary Ann joined our club in 2014 and immediately volunteered to serve on committees.  When she is not at a club meeting, you may find Mary Ann at the Book Corner at the Yorba Linda Library.  She is a champion of dignity and respect for her fellow club members and always dependable and conscientious.  Congratulations, Mary Ann!

The Yorba Linda Woman's Club donated to the Women's Transitional Living Center (a safe haven for domestic abuse victims and their families) all of the items necessary for them to prepare a special dinner at their facility. Our members provided donated lasagna and chicken casseroles, green salads and toppings, garlic breads, desserts and water. These items were brought to the Yorba Linda Community Center where our committee members helped us wrap together donated kitchen utensils, cook books and toiletries which will also be provided to the residents of the Women's Center.

When we have delivered these items to the Women's Transitional Living Center in the past, the staff has told us how much their residents look forward to this dinner every year and how appreciative they are to the Yorba Linda Woman's Club for all of our help.

It was a wonderful day for the women and their children and for the members of our Domestic Violence Committee.

    Holiday Hair Day for the Women's Transitional Living Center 2015-2016

Members present: Susie Autry, Karlene Ballard, Nancy Capel,

Louise Hernandez, Esther Murray, Linda Queen and Marcia Willett.