Yorba Linda Woman's Club

A proud member of CFWC and GFWC.

The Yorba Linda Woman's Club joined the Celebration on April 24th, 2016

March 25, 2016 (Washington, D.C.) – The General Federation of Women’s Clubs, an international women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service, will celebrate 126 years of volunteering on April 24.

Nearly 100,000 members strong and with clubs in every U.S. state and eleven countries, GFWC is the world’s largest nonpartisan, nondenominational, international women’s organization.

“Together, we can improve our future by Living the Volunteer Spirit today,” said Babs J. Condon, who serves as GFWC 50th International President.

GFWC clubs and clubwomen are the fabric that binds not only the Federation, but the communities in which they live and work. By Living the Volunteer Spirit, GFWC clubwomen transform lives each day, not simply with monetary donations, but with hands-on tangible projects that provide immediate impact. With a grassroots approach that often thinks locally but impacts globally, GFWC, its clubs and members remain committed to serving as a force for global good, as it has done since its formation 126 years ago. 

GFWC is committed to remain a leading voice in areas our members are active in every day. As an organization dedicated to community improvement, we must take action on important topics that impact the quality of life for all–especially those related to women and girls, early childhood education, and veterans’ services.

About the General Federation of Women’s Clubs

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is a unifying force, bringing together local women’s clubs, with members dedicated to strengthening their communities and enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. With 90,000 members in affiliated clubs in every state and more than a dozen countries, GFWC members are community leaders who work locally to create global change by supporting the arts, preserving natural resources, advancing education, promoting healthy lifestyles, encouraging civic involvement, and working toward world peace and understanding.


GFWC members volunteered over six million hours last year.