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September 26, 2016

Change for Good (UNICEF)  🖋 Carol Beard, 2016-2017 Project Chair

The General Federation of Women's Clubs continues to work with Shot @ Life. Click here for their April, 2016 program and invitation to be involved.


Change for Good (UNICEF)

Free the Girls

Operation Smile

Shot @ Life Gift Auction

World Vision Food for Africa

International Outreach  🖋 Carol Beard, 2016-2017 Program Chair

The Shot @ Life Campaign  🖋 Kaycee Stack , 2016-2017 Project Chair

Free the Girls 🖋 TBA, 2016-2017 Project Chair

World Vision 🖋 Carol Beard, 2016-2017 Project Chair

Each year, our club members meet in a local park to enjoy good food and good friends. This was a way to keep in touch during our downtime. We asked, how could we also make it a philanthropic event?

Beginning in July of 2014, we added something new to our  summer picnic. We began sponsoring a secret, white elephant auction with all of the proceeds donated to Shot @ Life.

This year was our third year to donate to this organization. And, our Yorba Linda Woman's Club did it again! In July 2016, we held our Shot@Life auction, and wow...we made $227.75. This is such an easy way for us to help support this very worthwhile organization.

The responses are in and the club members really enjoy this activity and love the philanthropy we are supporting. so that means we will be back in the summer of 2017!

The Shot @ Life Campaign joins with the United Nations ' efforts to provide global childhood vaccines. The YLWC supports these efforts.

Unicef is partnered with AAdvantage Airlines to collect foreign coins.  To learn more, click here.

Operation Smile  🖋 Venita Baker, 2016-2017 Project Chair

Susie Autry

2nd V.P., Membership

Walgreens is having their national Shot for a shot project for Shot@Life. They will give a shot to Shot@Life for each shot that the stores give to a maximum of 2 million dollars.

So if you haven't had your flu shot yet consider Walgreens as one place to get your shot and "get a shot & give a shot" to Shot@Life.