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GFWC News and Notes

November 2016

Members from left: Dottie Jensen, Heather LaPorte, Linda Queen, Louise Hernandez, Lucy Huerta, Margie Donovan and Kathy Carswell.

Read to Students - Topaz School 🖋 Mary Lien, 2016-2017 Project Chair

Joya Scholars PYLUSD 🖋 Marcia Willett, 2016-2017 Project Chair

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Our Women Out Walking women visited the Y.L. Library to see our February, 2017 display.

HOBY Leadership Camp 🖋 Norma Susic, 2016-2017 Project Chair

The Beginning:

In May 1997, a small reading task force, the National Education Association (NEA), came up with a big idea. Let’s create a day to celebrate reading, the group decided. We hold pep rallies to get kids excited about football. We assemble to remember that Character Counts. Why don’t we do something to get kids excited about reading? We’ll call it NEA’s Read Across America and we’ll celebrate it on Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

And so the idea was born on March 2, 1998, the largest celebration of reading this country has ever seen.”

No Limits Learning Center 🖋 Caroline Wahlstrom, 2016-2017 Project Chair

Students Excel with HOBY

HOBY is excited to kick off another school year with GFWC! Thousands of schools across the country have received the 2017 HOBY Registration Kit  to register their 10th grade students for the State Leadership Seminars. Our unique leadership training curriculum is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership and develops leadership from three perspectives: Personal, Group, and Societal. All 70 Seminars take place nationwide between May and June 2017. After their 3-4 day HOBY experience, students return to their community with more self-awareness, confidence, and skills to lead and serve others.

Join the hundreds of clubs that have supported HOBY, either through student sponsorships, volunteerism, and/or gifts-in-kind. Fulfill a Seminar's wish list of supplies or download our donation form  to give in any amount. All donations go toward making a difference in the lives of our youth.

Contact Sunshine Navarro Shively at 818-851-3980 x321 or shivelys@hoby.org for more information.

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Yorba Linda Library Display 🖋 Heather LaPorte, Mary Lien &

Linda Woods, 2016-2017 Project Chairs

The Yorba Linda Woman’s Club participated in this activity at Tynes Elementary School. The readers for 1st grade were Susan Hillman and Margie Donovan; the readers for 2nd grade were Norma Susic and Mary Lien. The 3rd grade reader was Nancy Capel who read the book she wrote,
Quack & Waddles First Adventure to the students.

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Yorba Linda Library

2017 Volunteer Luncheon

Education Community Service 🖋 Linda Queen, 2016-2017 Program Chair


    Box Tops for Education

    El Dorado Senior Project Day

    H.O.B.Y. Leadership Seminar

    Joya Scholars PYLUSD Program

    No Limits Adult Learning Center

    PYLUSD Theater Marquee

    Read to Students - Topaz School

    Yorba Linda Library Display 2015-2017

Back row from left, Louise Hernandez, President, Linda Queen, 1st VP, Sandy Castle, Pat Porter, Pat Rune and Tara Campbell.

Front row from left: Norma Susic and Esther Murray.

El Dorado High School is just one of the fabulous high schools in the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District. Keep watching as we add details about this project.

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Our club has sponsored HOBY students for 26 years. Four students will attend the HOBY Leadership Seminar in June 2016 at Chapman University and their registration and attendance is paid from the club budget. These outstanding students are selected by their schools at the beginning of their sophomore year, based on the leadership they have already shown during their freshman year. The 3-day Leadership Seminars train and motivate young leaders to apply their skills to improve the local community and enrich the quality of life throughout California and the world. They are instructed in individual leadership, group dynamics, goal setting, planning and leadership in society – all with a focus on service to the community. Students leave the HOBY Seminar with the skills and inspiration to affect change in the world around them, and invariably tell us what a life-changing experience it was for them. 

HOBY 2015-2016 Leadership Awards - $300 each:

Madison Agusta, Esperanza High School
Jamie Lima-Sabatini, Esperanza High School
Katelyn Walker, Yorba Linda High School
Daniela Zirkie, Yorba Linda High School

              From left: Jaime Lima-Sabatini, Madison Augusto, Danielle Zirkle, Katelyn Walker


By Kim Cantrell,


El Dorado Senior Project Day  🖋 Jewell Hollingworth, 2016-2017 Project  Chair

March 2nd, 2016 Tynes Elementary School “Read Across America Day”

PYLUSD Theater Marquee 🖋 Jewel Hollingworth, 2016-2017 Project Chair

Co-Chair Heather Laporte, 714.528.1866, bhlaporte@netzero.com

Co-Chair Linda Woods, 714.261.1023, tltclan@aol.com

Box Tops for Education 🖋 Linda Wood, 2016-2017 Project Chair

Read Across America Day

Our Women Out Walking group took a field trip to visit our Yorba Linda Library to see our February, 2016 display cases containing materials and mementoes from our club.

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