Yorba Linda Woman's Club

A proud member of CFWC and GFWC.

Human Options (Orange County Abuse Shelter 🖋 Martha Doose, Project Chair 2016-2017

Domestic Violence Awareness 🖋 Shelly Garland, 2016-2017 Program Chair

     Human Options (Orange County Abuse Shelter)2016-2017

     Slippers of Serenity2016-2017

The victims of abuse are sending out an S.O.S. for help. S.O.S. is the international sign of being in distress and inneed of help. The victims of abuse need our help and compassion. Clubs have the choice to provide a variety of slippers and socks to domestic violence shelters.

This is a great project to bring out those knitting and crocheting skills to make hand-made slippers for the residents of safe-havens.

Clubs can show their fundraising skills to raise monies to provide store-bought slippers to victims as they begin their new lives. Slippers can be adult and children sizes. The collection of slippers will be done by each individual club.

Notify the District chairman of the number of slippers collected and delivered to your chosen shelter. Participating in this project will be a great subject to write about in your year-end report. If your club is collecting slippers this year and delivering slippers next year, you can put that in your report. Working together we can bring comfort to the victims of abuse. We can do this by supporting the new District Project...S.O.S...SLIPPERS OF SERENITY.

Remember...What we do will put a smile in someone’s heart; and ours’.

GFWC Signature Project
Awareness and Prevention of Domestic Violence
Karlene Ballard, O.D. Chairman

Slippers of Serenity 🖋 Shelly Garland, 2016-2017 Project Chair