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Canada Geese at Carbon Canyon Park. Photo by Susie Autry, May 2014


YLWC President Marcia Willett and Mayor Tom Lindsay unveil the first sign.

Official Club Logo - Western Bluebird

For more information about the American Bald Eagle, visit: http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/eagle/eagle-facts.html

Jackie McPheeters

Is it nesting season? Careful trimming your trees.

Wood Ducks at the Oak Canyon Nature Center. Photo by Holly Fuhrer, member of the Sea and Sage.  March, 2016

UCI, Town and Gown Birders

Can you identify

this skittish friend?

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Yorba Linda is a Bird Sanctuary – City ordinance code 6.36

Keep Bird Nests Safe and Your Trees Healthy-Brochure


Injured birds - Songbird Care and Education Center
www.songbirdcareandeducation.org   714 964-0666

Rehabilitation Facilities - California Dept. of Fish and Game

Wetlands and Wildlife Service

U.S. Fish and Wildlife service

Sea and Sage Audubon Society  

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Bluebird Club – Southern California

Yorba Linda Backyard Birders

Bluebirds of Orange County

History of the Yorba Linda Bird Sanctuary:

The Yorba Linda Woman’s Club is very proud that the City of Yorba Linda has installed

‘Yorba Linda is a Bird Sanctuary’ signs at various city entrance locations.  The signs were supposed to be installed 45 years earlier, after the City Council passed an ordinance designating Yorba Linda as a Bird Sanctuary, but they never were. 

In 2011 Club President Sandy Weinrich was researching the history of the Club’s bluebird pin. She came across an old district report that mentioned Yorba Linda is a Bird Sanctuary. In checking with the City, it was confirmed, Yorba Linda is a Bird Sanctuary - Municipal Code Ordinance 6.36.

Also, Lynne Yauger, Club Member and an Orange County Historical Commissioner, came across the ordinance in the organization’s minutes when she was doing research for the Club’s 100th anniversary celebration in 2012. There she discovered that it was the year 1968 when the Yorba Linda Woman’s Club was instrumental in having the city designate Yorba Linda as a Bird Sanctuary.

In 1971 an airport was proposed in Chino Hills which would involve the airplanes flying over the Yorba Linda area.  We understand that Yorba Linda being a bird sanctuary along with much resistance from the community, resulted in the airport proposal’s demise.

In 2012, Club President, Sandy Weinrich sought a Club Chairman to research the bird sanctuary sign issue.  Club member Marcia Willett volunteered and made it her mission to follow up with the city about the signs.  Her collaborative effort lead to the Club paying for the materials and the City installing them. Several sign designs were created by Club member Nancy Capel, then the Club members voted on the best one.

Fast Forward to year 2013; Marcia Willett, now President of the Yorba Linda Woman’s Club, successfully, on June 26, 2013, along with Mayor Tom Lindsey and several enthusiastic club members in attendance, unveiled the very first sign at the South/East intersection of Yorba Linda Boulevard and Jefferson Street.  Today, there are a total of 8 signs standing close to the city’s entrances.  


Are you interested in growing your own meal worms for your bluebirds? Check this out.

Kathy Carswell

This birding group meets once a month. Here, three of our Yorba Linda Woman's Club members made a friend.

The American bald eagle was adopted as the national bird symbol of the United States of America in 1782. The bald eagle (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) was chosen for its majestic beauty, great strength, long life, and because it's native to North America.

Susie Autry

Mayor Tom Lindsay and YLWC Members at the unveiling ceremony of our city’s very first sign.

l-r standing: Karlene Ballard, Pamela Harrell, Mayor Tom Lindsey, YLWC President  Marcia Willett, Mary Moo Karpel, Esther Murray, Pat Porter, Sandy Castle, Karin Rinnert, Kathy Carswell and Jewel Hollingworth

kneeling: Heather Laporte, Heather's granddaughter Raylee Hicks, Susan Hillman and Olivia Alessi.

Many of our members belong to various birding groups. They can be found bird watching with Sea and Sage from UCI, on the bluebird trail or even writing a wonderful blog about birds. This is the case here.

Our YLWC member, Olivia Alessi, has her own Bird Blog! Click here for her website at: http://www.yorbalindabirds.blogspot.com/

Eagle sighted in Yorba Linda in February 2016. The photograph was taken by Darlene McFarlane of Placentia on the Yorba Linda Buzz.

First Bird Sanctuary sign is erected in Yorba Linda June 26, 2013

Bird Blog in Yorba Linda

Cooper's Hawk at the Nix Nature Center. Photo by Holly Fuhrer, member of the Sea and Sage.  February 2016